Google, PayPal,Facebook,and Tesla Tokenized Stocks Coming to FTX

The company's corporate development manager BrandonWilliams claimed that Digital Assets AG's tokenized holdings would migrate from a private blockchain to an FTX trading system in the Solana network to be more efficient and cost effective. A business that focuses on tokenized financial instruments, DIGITAL Assets AG (DAAG) (Facebook, Google, PayPal and Tesla) has declared its intention to transfer to the Solana Network, and to create the network's first free floating FTX tokens.

The firm used a private blockchain but now, in addition to Binance and Bittrex, its items are offered on the FTX market.DAAG's corporate development leader Brandon Williams stated it had over 60 stocks issued and about $100 million underlying collateral.

Facebook, Google, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal, Square and Tesla are popular trading equities that are readily available. Tokenized inventories are transferrable toks that reflect a stablecoin value, such as the portion of Apple and toks, Williams added.

The business says DAAG will transition to Solana's tokenized equities from a private block chain that is more efficient and cost-effective. Solana enables reduced transaction costs and high-speed transactions which may enable up to 50,000 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum is a well-known DeFi blockchain, the average cost for a single transaction is about $6 on its platform, Williams added.

Solana's floating token-based stocks will allow centralized and decentralized blockchain exchanges to incorporate tokens of stock trading. DAAG will therefore be able to autocustody the new decentralized coin, Williams said that implies FTX clients may withdraw their stock tokens or transfer them into their own digital wallet and trade them on a 24-7 basis.

"Security tokens and tokenized inventory trade give the same experience as any other method for electronic trading," stated Williams.

DAAG brings traditional financial liquidity and money together with the crypto sector to enhance the efficiency, transparency and trustworthiness of the capital markets, Williams added. "There is no need for a stock settlement to take two days or for a business to go public to spend ten millions of dollars on a domestic exchange. In the DeFi area, we are able to leverage the traditional financial products to build new solutions for the crypto-business to make the most outstanding use of the crypto- and DeFi sector," he added.

One caution though is that the tokenised inventory cannot be maintained now by nationals or by residents of America, Iran, North Korea or Syria for regulatory reasons, but no limitation on access to tokenized inventories applies in any other countries. The DAAG's tokenized stocks, however, are valuable in the European Economic Area (EEA) with its securities prospectus authorized by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA).

While the digital asset market is still at an early age, "more and more nations and institutions realize that they are here, but that they have to adapt and that they will," Williams added. "The reduction of the dependence on financial intermediaries while removing the maximum potential risk of counterparties can only assist foster efficient, profoundly liquid capital markets in the future."

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FTX exchange is leading the launch of tokenized stocks on Solana ... Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal, Square, and Tesla.
Damn the FTX exchange has been on a roll lately. Great to hear as Binance desperately needs more competition.
tokenize dozens of stocks — including Tesla, Facebook and Google ... Assets AG will bring dozens of popular stocks to blockchain via FTX.
ftx stock


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