Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano, and IOHK CEO, would like to take Cardano (ADA) to El Salvador.

 Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano, and IOHK CEO, would like to take Cardano (ADA) to El Salvador. Hoskinson strives to introduce the intelligent contract platform to the nation in the wake of El Salvador's desire to adopt Bitcoin as the law tender. Hoskinson says he has asked about the potential of establishing links between Cardano and Centro America on a State visit to El Salvador.

"Some authorities and parties were in conversation in El Salvador and I can visit the state. I provided all the documents and demands and if so, we will see the Chairman but it will basically be in their hands.

We spoke to a couple folks in the circle, and they were obviously interested in digitizing the country that goes beyond legalizing Bitcoin. Therefore in the next 2-4 weeks we will probably have a better idea and I'll really acquire a suit if it's a true state visit."

The ambitions of Hoskinson are consistent with the efforts of Cardano to globalize his activities. In April last year, IOHK launched a cooperation with the Ethiopian government in which 3,500 schools throughout the country digitized the ID process. 

In future, instructors and students might profit from the national identity system based on blockchain.

"The concept may be expanded to colleges in which graduates on the blockchain Cardana are digitally certified and employers can quickly confirm the legitimacy of the educational qualifications of candidates."

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