PlanB, a top analyst, claims that $288,000 BTC is still available.

PlanB, a pseudonymous crypto analyst known for his stock-to-flow model (S2F), claims that his $288,000 BTC price estimate is still valid.

PlanB reiterates his enormous price objective for Bitcoin in a new tweet, despite the asset's collapse below $30,000 and failure to recapture $40,000 after the dip. Bitcoin, according to the analyst, still has a good chance of keeping up with his S2FX model, which is normally used to follow the performance of commodities like precious metals. PlanB is credited as being the first to apply the S2F paradigm to Bitcoin, which is typically utilized for commodities.

“There's still $288,000 to be won. It would astound me if Bitcoin did not cross the black S2FX model line during this time. Yellow, green, and blue dots will (significantly) outperform red and orange dots, regardless of present volatility.”

PlanB believes that Bitcoin has reached the stage where it can be used as a store of value in place of gold and real estate.

“As a store of value, Bitcoin is presently up against gold and real estate. I used to be a gold bug, but I sold it and used the proceeds to get Bitcoin. Friends are deciding to invest in BTC rather than buying an extra property. As a result, I believe BTC will fall into that range.”
The accuracy of the S2F and the S2FX, a modification of the S2F model that takes gold and silver's performance into consideration to estimate BTC's potential worth in the future, has attracted a lot of attention to the quantitative analyst. PlanB, on the other hand, believes the model's forecast for this cycle is accurate. He also claims that he is unconcerned with Bitcoin's short-term price movement since he expects the cryptocurrency will reach a seven-figure valuation in the next years.

“I'm not concerned with $100,000 – $288,000, but rather about halving in 2024 and beyond. I don't care about volatility; the asymmetric return ($0 vs. $1 million) is the most important factor.



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