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TOP 15 COINS Market will join soon Bitgert

Bitgert Chain has been named one of the "TOP 15 COINS ON THE BRC20 NETWORK"!

Q) How does it function?

Answer: Our existing bridge website, which lets users to exchange from native coin to BRC20 Bitgert-Pegged coin, has not yet released cross-chain swap. 

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After the official launch of BitGert Chain, the BRISE token reaches new highs.

Despite the fact that crypto markets are down, the price of BRISE has increased by about 1,000%. This is why this new endeavor is causing such a stir. The cryptocurrency industry as a whole has taken a back seat to global events, but that hasn't stopped developers from creating.

Bitgert (BRISE), a crypto engineering organization that has set out to build a blockchain network capable of processing 100,000 transactions per second for little to no cost to the user, is one project that has recently begun to gain traction thanks to its focus on creating a high throughput, low-cost blockchain network. "The debut of the Bitgert Chain, the beta release of the Bitgert Exchange, and a series of new collaborations and exchange listings are three reasons for BRISE's surge in popularity."

The Bitgert Chain is now live.

The introduction of the Bitgert Chain on February 14 was the most important development in Bitgert in the last month. The BRISE token is now accessible on the Bitgert Chain's mainnet as well as the BNB Beacon Chain as a BEP20 token that can be bridged between the two networks, thanks to the Bitgert Chain's introduction. According to Bitgert, the Bitgert Chain follows the BRC20 standard and can process 100,000 transactions per second with a gas price of roughly $0.00000001 per transaction.

The Bitgert blockchain is built to accommodate a wide range of decentralized financial applications, nonfungible token projects, and Web3 protocols.

Bitgert Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Bitgert Exchange beta version was introduced on March 6, which might be a bullish aspect for the project. The Bitgert Exchange is the Bitgert Chain's initial exchange protocol, and it currently supports trading for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) (DOGE).

Bitgert Exchange will be the first crypto exchange to provide consumers a zero-trading-fee environment, according to documents on the protocol's website.

Partnerships and listings on stock exchanges

A succession of protocol alliances and exchange listings have helped extend knowledge and access to the token, which has helped improve BRISE's price. BRISE has been listed on, Coin98 Exchange, BitMart,,, BitForex, and HotBit since the Bitgert Chain was launched in mid-February.

Bitgert also announced new collaborations with Sphynx Labs, Omniaverse, 4D Twin Maps, and Innovativ Plastics, as well as the establishment of the Bitgert Startup Studio program, which aims to assist entrepreneurs and companies acquire financing to launch their ideas or businesses as a BRC20 smart contract.


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