Prominent Crypto Analyst Says XRP Price could Soon Outperform Bitcoin

A leading cryptocurrency expert, Credible Crypto, has projected that XRP pricing would probably be approaching a bottom when trading with the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Credible Crypto supplied a graphic with us to illustrate his thinking. He said that XRP has "a big historic support" when dealing with the US dollar. It is worth examining this. Since April of this year, the crypto-currency has dropped by about two dollars.


As Daily Hodl reports, the cryptocurrency analyst has in the past revealed a massive XRP price prediction, seeing the cryptocurrency surge to $20 in the future. In a shorter period, he sees the market capitalization seventh largest crypto return to the $1 level.

In March this year, Credible Crypto rightly forecasted that following a healthy pullback XRP's price will rise massively. At the time, the crypto-currency traded at $0.5 and began to increase to about $2 by April later that month.

It should be noted that the cost of cryptocurrency was down at the time when Ripple Labs and two of the executive directors who are also significant XRP holders were indicted "by an unregistered, ongoing digital asset securities offering," by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (secc) as having raise over $1.3 billion.

However, other analysts aren't particularly optimistic. A experienced trader who successfully anticipated the 80 percent collapse in Bitcoin in 2018, Peter Brandt showed that he will see XRP decrease against BTC in future as a head and shoulders pattern has been established.


 According to Investopedia, the pattern formation of the head and the shoulders forecasts a reversal of the bullish-to-bearish trend, which is "believed as one of the trend-return patterns most trustworthy," which would mean that DOGE is coming to an end with an exponential decline in crisis currency.

Crypto utilizes Elliott Wave Theory analysts regularly to evaluate market movements. Elliott Wave Theory is a way of describing financial markets price fluctuations using fractal wave patterns. In order to achieve its conclusions, the theory employs repeated long-term price patterns connected to changes in investor sense and mood.

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Prominent cryptocurrency analyst Credible Crypto has predicted that the price of XRP is likely near a bottom when trading against the flagship ...

Outstanding cryptocurrency analyst Credible Crypto has predicted that the value of XRP is probably going close to a backside when buying and ...


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