Cold Touch Elon Musk, makes crypto live once more

Elon Musk is right to suggest that the mining of our planets by Bitcoin is harmful. Over the last two years, Bitcoin's ascent has brought CO2, which is comparable to a total of 8.9 million automobiles put up to the highway, to more than 40 million tons.

Elon Musk issued a Tweet on Sunday stating that Bitcoin (BTC) might restart accepting Tesla Inc (NYSE: TSLA) as a means of payment. This will happen, according to Musk, when miners start utilizing cleaner energy. Musk remarked that "the reasonable (~50 per cent) use of renewable energy by miners with a good future trend" had to be confirmed. It refers to environmental issues.


This is wrong. Without a moving market, Tesla sold only 10% of the holdings to prove BTC could easily be liquidated.

If the confirmed use of clean energy by miners with a good future trend is reasonable (~50 percent), Tesla resumes Bitcoin transactions.

– Elon Musk, 13 June 202, 2021.

Musk's tweet followed Magda Wierzycka's comments by South African asset management Sygnia's CEO, saying Tesla CEOs post "market manipulation" in Bitcoin prices.

In the last few months, Musk has played with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In February, Tesla said that it will acquire BTC worth as much as $1.5 billion in order to begin accepting a means of paying for its automobiles via the cryptocurrency. In March, Musk revealed that a Tesla with Bitcoin could now be bought. The campaign was nevertheless discontinued in May. As Tesla mentioned, Bitcoin was banned for payment because of worries over the use of fossil fuels for its mining and transactions.

Moreover, Tesla sold 10% of Bitcoin's assets. This action shows, Elon Musk said, that any crypto without moving market is simple to dump.

In particular, Musk is right to suggest Bitcoin mining is harmful to our world. The CO2 emissions are incredibly increased. The surge in Bitcoin has in particular created approximately 40 million tons of emissions over the previous two years, which corresponds to an additional 8.9 million automobiles on the road. Furthermore, Bitcoin creates more CO2 than the greatest airplanes worldwide. Mining is emitting more CO2 than all of Greece according to the BofA analysis.

The fortunate thing is that not every cryptocurrency has big consequences on the environment. Some of them don't utilize any mining. So, secure alternatives to BTC are available.

Bitcoin (BTC) Surges More than 9% Following the Tesla CEO's recent tweet

After Elon Musk tweeted that Bitcoin might once again be used for payment, the currency price increased. Just one hour later, Bitcoin increased $39,200.21 to $9.66 per cent. As of the press, according to CoinMarketCap, BTC trades in $39,535.19, representing an increase of 11.88% over the past 24 hours.

The market limit of BTC amounted to 740.6 billion dollars. Its increase of 7 days accounted for 9.77%.

The coin price has recently been increasing not just because of Elon Musk's remark, but because Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) is planning to link Twitter or BlueSky with Bitcoin Lightning Network in order to facilitate subscription payments. This price has been increased. The digital money exchange Injective Protocol is another startup that collaborates with Bitcoin. As stated, Bit coin derivatives will be integrated with the blockchain stacks to ensure that they are available completely on stacks.

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