Dogecoin Co-Creator Purchases $DOGE 'Never Buy Crypto After 8 Years'

Billy Markus, co-creator of the meme inspired Dogecoin cryptocurrency (DOGE), has disclosed on the social media that he chose to invest in the cryptocurrency that he helped develop 'after 8 years of promising to never purchase crypto again.'

Markus' tweets followed a broad cryptocurrency collapse that affected most of the world's leading cryptoassets and was particularly serious at Dogecoin. Interest in the cryptocurrency soared when Tesla's Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk headlined "Saturday Night Live." Musk regularly tweeted DOGE and contributed to the fostering of interest in the cryptocurrency. At one time he even made clear to Dogecoin that "there is no official structure and nobody reports me so that my power to act is restricted" as he said to a user who stated he was engaged in marketing and treated the cryptocurrency as "one of his own businesses.

In the previous several months, the entrepreneur promoted this vigorously, to the extent that he was named Dogecoin's CEO and 'Dogefather.'Musk has engaged DOGE developers and at one time tweeted the poll asking his fans whether Tesla was to accept DOGE for a means of payment. DOGE is a very important part of its development.

More recently, the CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer reacted to a tweet of Ross Nicol, who is a fundamental creator of the cryptocurrency. The fall of Dogecoin between $0.70 and $0.21 happened with the larger crypto crash. Cryptocurrency inspired by Meme is risen 5,000 percent, owing in part to famous figures like Musk, Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons, millionaire Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg,And other jokes tweet it, fueling its development.

A pseudonymous crypto-currency expert and bitcoin bull, looking at its precious chart, has forecast that Doggecoin's prices are "programmed" at $0.05 and even Tesla CEO Elon Musk couldn't save it. His forecast is based on a pattern of head and shoulders.

Dogecoin was founded as a joke back in 2013. The community of cryptocurrencies are known to support charity organizations in philanthropic endeavors. At 2014 the Jamaican bobsleigh team took the lead in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, after raising DOGE for over 25,000 dollars.

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