UFC will start Chiliz blockchain MMA fan token.

 A max of 20 millions will be supplied to the new UFC fan token from its debut in June. The Last Championship of Combating, the world's largest mixed combinations, is releasing its own fan currency.

On Tuesday the UFC formally announced that it will make a UFC Fan Token debut about the Socios.com fans interaction and incentives program. The cryptocurrency is expected to start in June with a maximum of 20 million tokens minted on the Chiliz network.

The UFC FanToken is meant to allow fans to enter new possibilities like exclusive fans, fan vote, VIP awards, promotions, contests, and more, similar to previous fan Tokens like Chile and Socios. 

"UFC has more than six hundred and twenty-five million fans worldwide and Fan Tokens are a unique method to get in touch with them through a compelling, real product that bring them closer to UFC and impact and reward their enthusiasm for sport."

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chile and Socios claimed that UFC tokens will not go anywhere else and would be available only on the Socios application.

.Last year, the UFC and Chiliz established a cooperation to let UFC fans to utilize the indigenous CHZ tokens of Chile for their experiences and incentives. The UFC recently expanded its efforts in the crypto and blockchain business and in March 2021 signed an exclusive collaboration with Stake.com, an online crypto-powered sites.

The UFC has been one of the first sports establishments in America to create a fan token with the Chilean and Socios ecosystem, which marks a major milestone in the growth of the country. The revelation comes around two months following Chile's announcement of a US$50 million expansion plan.

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