Smart Contracts own nearly a quarter of all Ethereum.

Ethereum's core strength as a decentralized financial layer continues to grow, with over a quarter of the supply now locked in smart contracts. Anthony Sassano, an industry watcher and the creator of ETHhub, has noticed that the amount of ETH locked into smart contracts is similar to the amount locked into smart contracts during the DAO incident in mid-2016. He went on to say that it was worth $230 million at the time, when ETH was at $13. That sum is now worth a stunning $63 billion.

After obtaining $150 million through a token sale, Ethereum flooded into the DAO, the first decentralized autonomous organization founded on the Ethereum blockchain, as seen in the graph.

Due to flaws in its programming, the DAO was hacked, and the Ethereum blockchain was hard forked in order to recover the stolen cash, resulting in the network separating into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

The Binance Smart Chain bridge contract included more over a million ETH, according to Sassano.

The Beacon Chain deposit contract holds a large portion of the ETH locked up. There are presently 5.42 million ETH staked on the blockchain, according to the ETH 2.0 Launchpad.
This is estimated to be worth roughly $13.5 billion at current pricing. It also accounts for 4.65% of the total supply and about a fifth of all ETH locked up in all Decentralized Finance (DeFi) smart contracts. 

As more ETH is locked within the contract, staking incentives decrease. It presently generates a 6.7 percent annual return. Since the beginning of 2021, the network has grown by 250 percent, with 165,000 active validators.

Ethereum fundamentals are now strong, according to BeInCrypto, and have been rising versus bitcoin over the last year or so.

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