BNB believes that BNB has the capacity to grow larger than Apple and Amazon.

The market worth of prominent conventional businesses can surely be overcome by Binance Coin. The asset has shown an extraordinary increase in value and spectates that it can continue to do so in the same way, leading technology giants like Amazon and Apple may be objective-valid in a sky-high market cap.

Nevertheless it does not anticipate that the head of the Binance exchange and the blockchain on which the BNB-coin is constructed. Indeed, he is fully confident that BNB will be a reality in no time if one of them is knocked out.

Can a market cap of BNB exceed one trillion dollars?

Davinci Jeremie made the CEO's great revelation in tweets from popular Bitcoiner and Crypto YouTuber:

"Binance coin BNB is going to be larger, I think, than the stocks, the crypto and the intelligent chain Apple or Amazon."

"In its reaction to other sections of Davinci's tweets, while CZ disagreed that BNB is a stock, he stated: "Not a stock, but the other components are in place. We don't need supplies when we travel." 

CZ's statement looks like a long shot under current market measures. BNB's current press market valuation is $64.8 billion; the cryptocurrency market has been remarkable but has a major difference from Apple and Amazon, who each have a market size of $2.09 trillion and $1.63 trillion.

The global financial market is occupied by digital currencies

As Bitcoin is the only digital currency that has a market cap of $1 trillion, the BNB bulls will need overtime to make CZ's dream come true. However, grounds for optimism still exists. Historically, the value of many traditional assets reached in the market by digital currencies has been shortened.

Although Amazon and Apple have taken 24 years and 42 years to reach a value of 1 trillion dollars, Bitcoin has only taken 12 years. Similarly, several prominent conventional firms have been unloaded in a far shorter period by other big cryptocurrencies.

Taking into account the growing degree of acceptance that BNB has, combined with the effect of CZ on the market, and the success of other financial companies, such as the Binance Smart Chain,In a few of years, the asset may just have a chance to reach $1 trillion.

The crypto-currency milliardaire stated in another recent tweet that offers his opinions on the future performance of digital currencies against traditional assets:

"In the recent decade, the most successful crypto assets achieved the best performance of the traditional assets. For the following decade, the same will apply."


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“I believe Binance coin BNB will be bigger than Apple or Amazon because it's a stock, a crypto, and smart chain.” CZ, although disagreeing that ...
Binance CEO CZ Believes BNB Has The Potential To Become Bigger Than Apple And Amazon. Republished by Plato. Published. 3 hours ago. on. June 3, 2021.


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