Polygon to launch the Dubbed Avail All-Purpose

Polygon plans to deploy its stand alone chain, side chain and other Layer-2 solutions Avail, a broad networking blockchain system. Polygon, formerly known as MATIC Network, a fully stacked scaling solution for Ethereum, is planning to deploy a scalable data disponibility layer called Avail.

Polygon to launch Blockchain General Objective

Polygon highlighted in a press release with CryptoPotato that Avail will supply unassailable data while avoiding the use of erasure coding and polynome undertakings to develop a two-dimensional data availability system.

Avail is a blockchain network that offers scalable information for self-contained chains, side chains and other Layer-2 solutions.

The purpose of Polygon onboarding Avail is to supply the data required to simplify the activities for single chains, which are not easy to carry out transactions.

A Future Blockchain

Anurag Arjun, co-founder of Polygon, talked about the development:

"Avail is a fundamental component of a new paradigm in the future for blockchains. We think that off-chain scaling solutions and independent chains will demand a strong, scalable data-availability solution.

Polygon stated that Avail is a safe, execution-layer hosting and ordering layer, adding that it is a "essential component to fully transform how the future blockchains function."

The project anticipates the execution layer to be formed by the various off-chain scale solutions or traditional execution layers. Polygon has already developed the tools necessary to do this with Avail, according to the announcement.
Polygon is still growing

Through diverse collaborations the project continues to build its ecosystem. Polygon joined Google in May to include its blockchain datasets in the BigQuery of Google in order to give correct information for the protocol in chains.

In the meantime, the DeFi industry was not left behind for the blockchain network. Polygon teamed with 0x at the beginning of this month and announced a $10 million investment to Polygon and Ethereum with at least 1 million users. Polygon intends to use the funds to support projects and developers on its network to bring about a secure and robust DeFi infrastructure.
Additionally, by utilizing Avail as an off-chain data availability layer, other L2 solutions can increase scalability rates substantially.


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Polygon is planning to launch Avail, a general-purpose blockchain network for standalone chains, sidechains, and other Layer-2 solutions.
Polygon, a full-stack scaling solution for Ethereum formerly, known as MATIC network, plans to launch an all-purpose scalable data availability
Polygon is planning to launch Avail, a general-purpose blockchain network for standalone chains, sidechains, and other Layer-2 solutions


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