The Polkadot DOT cryptocurrency Coinbase Pro Will list

This week, the biggest cryptographic exchange lists the best 10 toks.
Key Acknowledgements

  • Coinbase is compiling the DOT cryptocurrency list for Polkadot.

  • As of today, Monday 14 June, the exchange permits deposits. On Wednesday, June 16th, the trade starts.

  • DOT is a top 10 token which makes the exchange an important addition.

Coinbase announced that it will offer DOT, Parity Technologies' native cryptocurrency blockchain, Polkadot. Monday, June 14, Coinbase allows customers to deposit their DOTs from today.
On Wednesday, June 16, at 9AM Pacific Time it will allow trading provided adequate liquidity exists on the market.

Users may trade DOT on several fiat currencies (USD, EUR and GBP) and choose cryptocurrencies (BTC and USDT). At a later period that is not mentioned, DOT will subsequently be included on Coinbase's retail trading request. 

Coinbase could not explain why the DOT list was chosen. However, Polkadot is now the ninth largest cryptocurrency on the market with a market limit of $23.1 million and is a major asset for Coinbase.

Polkadot was identified by Coinbase as a high-performance interconnection platform. The DOT coin serves as a management token of Polkadot – it is used for stake and security, and it is utilized to connect new chains to the network.

The move by Coinbase to list DOT comes weeks following its decision to publish Dogecoin (DOGE) – an investment list that has been requested for years by investors.

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