Crypto News For Binance Miners Etc

Crypto news is being hunted by these digital currency miners. Indeed, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, tether, ethereum, binance coin and so on are forms of investment that have many enthusiasts.

Especially now that the price of cryptocurrencies is experiencing a very sad movement. In reality, the price of digital currencies is very volatile. So it has a very high risk and is likely to even harm investors.

Nevertheless, crypto currencies like this still have many enthusiasts. Even the miners still like to collect and invest their money. Because of this, investors need crypto news which is definitely updated every day. So that they can make the right decisions when investing in crypto currency.
The Best Currencies In Crypto News.

In the first crypto news, investors will be wondering the best performing crypto assets. Not infrequently the category they set as the best since the beginning of the year until now is June 2021. Often the best crypto assets change according to price movements.

but based on one reliable source, as of last Monday there was one of the assets with the best performance this year. The asset is Binance Coin or known as BNB.

Binance coin produces the highest performance among other assets. That is 935.61% with a chart based on a trusted source, as of last Monday there was one of the assets with the best performance this year. The asset is Binance Coin or known as BNB.

Binance coin produces the highest performance among other assets. That is 935.61% by means of YTD or year to date. So now the price is heading to 394.98 US Dollars. While in second place is filled with different crypto assets.

The position is in the form of a cardano coin or another name, namely ADA. This asset has increased in price to 789.90% YTD and the figure has now reached 1.71 US Dollars. Meanwhile, the third best cryptocurrency until June 2021 is filled by Ethereum or ETH.

Ethereum has increased by 276.70% YTD to 2,765 US Dollars. On the other hand, Bitcoin or BTC tends to increase slightly. The increase in BTC was only around 33.81% YTD to 36,126 US Dollars.

The performance of teher or USDT in crypto news has strengthened. The range strengthened by 0.14% YTD towards 1 US Dollar.

The First Country To Make Bitcoin Crypto Currency As Payment

In addition to the assets that have the best performance, the next crypto news is about countries that make Bitcoin a means of payment. One country that has the potential to use crypto assets is El Salvador.

The president of this country, Salvador Nayib Bukele, stated regarding this possibility. He said that this week, the government would send a bill to Congress. The goal is to make transactions for crypto assets, namely Bitcoin, legal.

The president also explained further about the plan. That is, the government in this country will cooperate with a company engaged in the digital finance field. The company that wants to work with the president is called Strike.

The goal is to prepare logistics and infrastructure related to the regulation. Strike CEO Jack Mallers also responded to this. Jack said that more than 70% of the population of El Salvador do not have a bank account. So most of them are not registered in the financial system.

Jack Mallers also added that the government of El Salvador had asked him to come up with a plan. The shape of this plan could see Bitcoin become a world currency that can help citizens.

This policy in crypto news seems to have the potential for Congress to approve. Because the large number of members of the legislature comes from populists on the right wing.
Cryptocurrencies Sluggish Together

One of the crypto news that investors pay attention to is the movement of the price value of each asset. Various cryptocurrencies looked sluggish in trading Tuesday, June 8 this morning. The biggest market cap coin, Bitcoin, has fallen quite deep.

The value of bitcoin's decline itself reached 10 percent in the past week. This range means that it has decreased by 7.08% in the past day. The drop fell to as low as US$33.72K for one coin.

Referring to comparisons in reliable sources, ethereum also seems to have recorded a correction to its value. The correction that occurred in ethereum was up to 5.6 percent in the last 24 hours. So the value landed at the level of 2,604 US Dollars.

Meanwhile, one of the coins chosen by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, namely Dogecoin, also experienced a decline. The asset plunged 9.6 percent within 24 hours. This means that the decline in the last week has reached 0.18 percent. Dogecoin now has a selling price for a single coin of US$0.3353.

In line with other assets, Binance Coin itself has also fallen by 8.53% in the last 24 hours. His last position was at the level of 363.41 US Dollars. But in the weekly category, this asset has increased by 2.35%.

There are a lot of other coins that have corrected. Such as qtum, phantom, compound, klaytn, siacoin, and siacoin. Overall, the global crypto market in crypto news experienced a decline of 6.83 percent. This figure is based on a market capitalization of US$1.55 trillion in 24 hours.
News Causes Crypto Prices Now Drop

The decline that occurred in assets in crypto news was not without reason. For example, the value of bitcoin immediately dropped dramatically after China gave a serious warning. China will take firm action against the perpetrators of cryptocurrency mining.

Not only that, strict action will also apply to crypto trading practices in China. Liu He as the deputy PM of China and the State Council stated the reasons for the enactment of the regulation. It said the goal is to protect the financial system.

And his party will conduct raids on mining practices and Bitcoin currency trading. The raid is an effort to prevent the emergence of a systematic risk originating from the individual. After this news circulated, the price of Bitcoin itself immediately fell by around 8.5% more.

Even a number of other assets have fallen 40% more than their highest peak. This strong statement from China comes a day after US officials promised to take a firm stand against those who use Bitcoin for illegal practices.

Examples of such use include efforts to evade taxation. The finance department also said that it is mandatory to report when sending crypto money. Especially if the nominal is more than 10,000 dollars as in cash.

China's concern is not without reason. Because there are a number of issues related to bitcoin mining. These activities are carried out by computers that use large amounts of energy to open cryptocurrencies. Even one of the crypto news is also in the form of concerns by authorities around the world about this currency in order to carry out illegal practices.


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