Ether ($ETH) Etheraum Vitalik Buterin Inventor: "There's a lot of interesting things coming from Cardano ($ADA)"

Recently, during a chat with MIT AI Researcher Lex Fridman Vitalik Buterin, the author of the Ethereum White Paper, commented about Cardano.

Cardano's commentary about the Russian-Canadian programmer was made in "Lex Fridman Podcast's episode 188."

Buterin recognized that the work on the competitor Cardano Smart Contract Platform of IOHK resulted in "interesting ideas" (which is headed by Charles Hoskinson).

Buterin remarked, according to The Daily Hodl,

There are certainly fascinating concepts. I think that Cardano takes a bit of an approach other than Ethereum by highlighting the great academic results, whereas Ethereum tends to be more all right with heuristic reasoning. Partly because [Ethereum] just tries to accomplish quicker. But IOHK Research undoubtedly has highly fascinating topics.

Although IOHK praised the concept, Buterin objected to Cardano's protocol development approach: 

I'm the kind of person, frankly, who feels profound strictness is overdone. I think deep discipline is overrated because I believe that procedures fail due of this. I believe that the number of failures outside the model is more and more relevant than those in the model... And then, the second part of the academic approach is that many people in the academic system essentially optimize it for others. And for interested outsiders it doesn't actually optimize.

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