Shares coming to Solana include Facebook, Google, Apple & Tesla

Together with Digital Assets AG, FTX exchange will introduce tokenized stocks on Solana. Digital Assets AG brings 55 firms to Solana tokenized inventories. The initial platform for FTX exchange will be to allow users that complete their KYC procedure to trade.

Solana is hosting tokenized equities for Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal, Square and Tesla. The 55 equities tokenized are to be listed on the Layer 1 blockchain network by Digital Assets AG (DAAG). On exchanges like as Binance and FTX as well as for private blockchains the Swiss business provides free floating stocks. Free-flowing tokens are regulated assets representing the provision of those shares offered publicly.

DAAG Tokenized Stocks Securities Prospectus is endored in the European Economic Area by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Agency (FMA).

The FTX exchange is going to pilot trading of DAAG stocks on Solana, according to a press release with the crypto-briefing agency. Every user who is completing the KYC exchange procedure and living in authorized jurisdictions can trade the tokens.

FTX is Solana's top supplier as a hub for DeFi applications of the next generation. Sam Bankman-Fried also belongs to Alameda Research, a trading company which has supported several initiatives inside the ecosystem of Blockchain. Bankman-Fried remarked of the launch:

"We're looking forward to continuing our work with the industry's Solana and DAAG in setting the standards," said the DAAG's token stock infrastructure."

The CHO of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, said DAAG was 'primed to develop Solana's financial technology, with DeFi products available to support this new equity tokens. In the realm of cryptography, token stocks are not new. FTX, Binance and Bittrex Global allow various stock and commodities tokens to be traded, however the tokens cannot be sent across platforms. The launch of DAAG's stock enables secondary market transfers, external apps, other Solana addresses or apps, allowing the DeFI applications access gateway.

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Swiss-based Digital Assets AG (DAAG), a firm focused on tokenized financial instruments, announced that it is bringing tokenized stocks, including Facebook, Google, PayPal and Tesla, to the Solana network and will launch the first free-floating security tokens through the network on the FTX exchange
Digital Assets AG and FTX have partnered to launch tokenized stocks for Google, Apple, Tesla, and other firms on Solana.
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