Prominent Crypto Trader Says This Emerging Altcoin Is A Better Long-Term Bet Than Ethereum

One new smart contract platform, according to a high-profile pseudonymous crypto trader, may be a more appealing long-term investment than Ethereum, the leading blockchain network.

During the crypto market downturn, the analyst and trader known as The Crypto Dog is highlighting the scalable layer 1 blockchain project Solana (SOL).

Both Bitcoin and Solana, according to the Crypto Dog, have benefits over Ethereum as long-term investments. BTC is a safer buy than ETH, according to the trader, and SOL has more upward potential.

Long-term, BTC is a safer and more boring option than ETH. In my perspective, flipping is improbable, and if it does happen, I'll stay here for a long time ETHUSDTPERP (perpetual contract). In either case, I'm content.

SOL has a bigger upside potential and is a more intriguing long-term investment than ETH. At number two, it's the layer one with the finest shot.”

As crypto traders and investors wait for the market to revive, the expert believes Solana will be one of the first assets to hit new all-time highs.

SOL will be among the first to set new records. According to CoinGecko, Solana is now trading at $35.85, down around 38% from its peak of $58.03 in May.

In terms of Bitcoin, The Crypto Dog predicts a significant increase in the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization. BTC looks to be strong on the daily period, according to the trader, who entered a leveraged trade at $33,000.

“BTC 1D (daily period) appears to be fantastic to me. I'm in the best position I've been in in years, and I'm also leveraging $33,000. I believe this is the longest Bitcoin notional I've ever had.”


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