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Ripple is preparing to offer a bitcoin exchange for businesses.

Ripple has announced plans to introduce a product called 'Liquidity Hub,' which would allow corporate clients to access cryptocurrencies through worldwide exchanges, market makers, and over-the-counter (OTC) platforms.

Liquidity Hub will initially handle Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Cash, and XRP, according to a blog post published on November 9 by Ripple. In addition to ambitions to introduce new digital currencies, Ripple Liquidity Hub wants to incorporate staking and yield generation features.

The Liquidity Hub, according to Ripple, intends to speed the migration to cryptocurrencies by providing a platform that allows for the efficient acquisition of digital currencies. The Ripple Liquidity Hub will also use smart order routing to discover the best pricing for digital assets. The technique is now being used by Ripple's On-Demand Liquidity platform. The Liquidity Hub, according to Ripple, would alleviate some of the difficulties that corporate customers have in obtaining cryptocurrency. It uses a simplified API to address issues like lengthy and resource-intensive integrations.

"We understand the need of simple and effective liquidity management. Cryptocurrencies and financial institutions are part of our DNA. As they prepare for a crypto-first world, it's only natural that our clients would want access to the same trusted one-stop shop for purchasing, trading, and keeping crypto assets that has fueled our own extensive work with financial institutions," said Asheesh Birla, Ripple's general manager.

As interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow, Ripple is releasing a new product. Institutional investors, in particular, are driving the current digital asset surge.

Furthermore, the launch of the new product coincides with Ripple's ongoing legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ripple is being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for allegedly raising over $1.3 billion through an unregistered securities sale. The complaint is being fought by Ripple, who claims that XRP should not be deemed a security.


After gaining in consumer financing, Litecoin transactions are at an all-time high.

Several recent agreements have made it easier to utilize Litecoin for regular payments. After dipping below 100,000 in early October, the number of Litecoin (LTC) transactions has risen to above 140,000 in recent days. The Litecoin Foundation had tweeted three days before announcing the debut of their LTC Visa Debit card, which was powered by fintech startup Unbanked.

Customers would first register for a Litecoin Card account, put LTC into a specified wallet address, pass a know-your-customer check, and then obtain a virtual Litecoin Card, according to the card's webpage. The sign-up procedure, according to the service, takes less than five minutes.

The Litecoin card will allow users to spend LTC at any digital business that accepts Visa as a payment method, which the Litecoin Foundation expects to be over 50 million.

The Litecoin Foundation followed up with another tweet on Verifone's BitPay partnership the next day. Verifone is one of the largest point-of-sale payment processors in the world, processing almost $440 billion in yearly transactions. BitPay is a cryptocurrency payment processor that processes over 60,000 consumer Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LTC, and other cryptocurrency transactions per month.

In 2011, Litecoin was developed with the declared goal of becoming "the silver to Bitcoin's gold." According to cryptwerk statistics, there are currently 3,111 establishments accepting LTC as payment directly, up from 2,230 in the same period last year. Merchant acceptance of the digital currency is now somewhat less than half that of Bitcoin.


XRP, Litecoin and Two Other Altcoins Ready To Wake Up and Launch New Rallies, According to Top Crypto Strategist

Prominent crypto strategist and trader Michaël van de Poppe is keeping a close watch on XRP, Litecoin and two other altcoins that he says are close to waking up. In a new strategy session, the analyst tells his 116,000 YouTube subscribers that XRP is poised to rally and print a new all-time high.

“You can really deduce Fibonacci extension to build the next target zone by looking at the USDT values of XRP. So, using Fibonacci retracement and doing it this way, we get $2.85 and $4.30 as the next target zones for XRP in the following impulse wave. We can also state that we've reached the 2.618 [Fibonacci zone] if we go back to the previous cycle. So, most likely, XRP will move to $4.30 in the next run-up.”

XRP is repeating its price behavior from December 2020 to April this year, when the sixth-largest crypto asset soared over 1,052 percent from $0.17 to $1.96, according to Van de Poppe.

The multi-currency transaction network Stellar is the next cryptocurrency in Van de Poppe's list (XLM). XLM could print a bullish upper low setup at $0.31, according to the crypto researcher, before rocketing to its 52-week high of $0.79.

“It appears to be in good condition. The likelihood of XLM going all the way back to this high [$0.80], with some consolidation before breaking to the upside, is considerable.”

Van de Poppe is also keeping an eye on Litecoin's price in its Bitcoin pair (LTC/BTC). The crypto trader believes the peer-to-peer payments network has held above a crucial support level against Bitcoin and is poised to set a new higher high above 0.01 BTC, which is currently worth $501 at the time of writing.

“So I'm anticipating we'll have the bottoming for Litecoin somewhere around this region [0.003 BTC, or $150 at the time of writing], after which we'll break back up, have some consolidation, and then we'll start running.”

Finally, the trader compares Tezos (XTZ/BTC), a smart contract platform, against Bitcoin (BTC). The pair is developing a bottom structure, according to Van de Poppe, and is now poised for a 68 percent recovery from its current price of 0.000077 BTC, or $3.86.

“We're creating a lovely rounded bottom. That is Peter Brandt's specialty. But we're forming a rounded bottom here, with a squeeze, and the chances of this one breaking out strongly towards the resistance zone at [0.00013 BTC, or $6.52] are enormous.”


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are now available to Paypal customers in the UK

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted and used around the world, finance behemoths are beginning to embrace them in their product offerings. Paypal's latest announcement on this front is that it will expand its bitcoin services in the United Kingdom.

Customers in the United Kingdom will be able to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies using their Paypal accounts starting this week. Paypal had begun selling similar services in the United States in November of last year, prior to this change.

Customers can use Paypal's crypto-features to purchase digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

PayPal's General Manager for Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Currencies, Jose Fernandez da Ponte, told CNBC that the company expects the expansion to be as successful as it was in the United States. He continued,

“With our worldwide reach, digital payments expertise, consumer and business understanding, and stringent security and compliance standards, we have the unique potential, and obligation, to assist consumers in the United Kingdom in exploring cryptocurrency.”

Paypal's entry into the country's crypto-market might significantly increase usage and ownership, which is now very low in comparison to other countries. In truth, it only accounts for 8% of the overall population. Da Ponte also told CNBC that because cryptocurrency investments necessitate a high degree of sophistication, “having that on a platform like ours creates a pretty nice entrance point.”

This action, according to the executive, complies with the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). This is a significant statement, especially given the agency's recent loose use of its regulatory powers. In fact, the FCA's decision to prohibit Binance from functioning in the country is a prime example.


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