Digital Assets develops tokenized FTX inventories based on Solana

Digital Assets AG, a Swiss financial instrument-token company, debuted the Solana blockchain with its tokenized shares. Binance, FTX and Bittrex Global employed a private blockchain to tackle stock trading for crypto bonds.

However, for present, the Solana-based service is only accessible for FTX subscribers. Solane and FTX are tightly related; Alameda Research, a sibling business in FTX, invests in Solana, and also administers the Solana blockchain's own decentralized exchange called Serum.

Brandon Williams, head of business development at Digital Assets, says, "The transition from operating on a private blockchain into Solana will provide a far more efficient, cost-efficient environment for trading and use of tokenised equities. "We intend to operate on the blockchain throughout the traditional financial and capital markets. Solana, viewed as an Ethereum rival, is quicker and cheaper to carry out transactions than Ethereum.

Initially, 55 tokenised companies located in Solana, including Facebook, Google and Tesla, would provide trading 24/7. Blockchain-based assets representing the shares of publicly traded businesses are tokenized equities.

Centralized and decentralized Solana-building exchanges will now also be able to incorporate digital assets to their platforms.


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Digital Assets AG has launched tokenized stocks on the Solana blockchain, available for trading exclusively on FTX.
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