Cardano (ADA) Binance Coin (BNB) Surpasses while Bitcoin Stalls at around $37K

The remarkable increase in Binance Coin has helped overtake Cardano as the fourth largest asset in cryptocurrency, while bitcoin is worth around $37K. Although Bitcoin has remained relatively relaxed at $35,500 to $37,500, several alternative coins have increased and further weakened the dominance of BTC. BNB is now ranked 4th as the largest digital asset and a double digits increase for DOGE after the Coinbase Pro listing. This includes

ETH Challenges $2.9K BNB Takes Back 4th

In the last several days most of the Altcoin market hasn't done so well, but the trend began to reverse on Monday. Ethereum is a great illustration of this, since Sunday it sank below $2,200, but since then it has increased by almost $500. This means that ETH flirts the $2,700 mark at the moment.

Binance Coin also passed a roller coaster on Sunday, fell below $300. In the previous 24 hours, BNB has even lost its status as ADA's fourth largest digital asset, with a peaking of over $375. The fresh excitement on Binance Launchpool – Automata can be ascribed to the current rise (ATA). Also in green are Cardano (4%), Polkadot (6%), Uniswap (2%), Chainlink (2%), and Bitcoin Cash (1%). Interestingly, since yesterday DOGE is the biggest winner. With an 18% increase after a Coinbase Pro listing. Moreover, Curve DAO token (21%), Mdex (15%), Zilliqa (14%), LEO (12%) and Kusama (10%) as well as 0, are showing further growth (10 percent ). All crypto-assets have gained their collective market cap by about 40 billion dollars and are almost recovering 1,7 trillion dollars.

Stuck in a range of bitcoins

Although several other currencies have gone up lately, bitcoin appears fairly impressive. The main cryptocurrency also plunged sharply on Sunday, recovering $4,000 to a 3 day height of $38,000 pretty soon. But the bears could not rise any longer and drove the asset to the south. BTC dropped over $2,000 in value in a couple of hours. Since then, with comparable price swings, it has bounced up and down.

Bitcoin has a market share of over $700 billion in writing these lines, at little over $37,000. However, the BTC dominance has dropped further to below 42% by the altcoins.

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Binance Coin's impressive surge has helped it overcome Cardano as the fourth-​largest cryptocurrency asset while bitcoin stalls around $37K.
Binance Coin (BNB) Surpasses Cardano (ADA) While Bitcoin Stalls Around $37K (Market Watch). CryptoPotato 1 week. While bitcoin remains somewhat calm in ...
Binance Coin's impressive surge has helped it overcome Cardano as the fourth-​largest cryptocurrency asset while bitcoin stalls around $37K. While bitcoin ...


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