Coinbase CEO Expresses Support for Ripple and XRP Amid SEC Battle

The XRP Army thinks that Brian Armstrong may be hinting towards the cryptocurrency's relisting. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has previously expressed support for Ripple's battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Armstrong says in a series of recent tweets that the company's case is doing "better than anticipated."

Armstrong emphasized that attacking the cryptocurrency business and causing harm to investors is "politically undesirable."

The chairman of the biggest American exchange then restated Ripple's oft-repeated argument that the SEC harms customers rather than protects them:

The irony is that they are being attacked by the same individuals they are ostensibly safeguarding.

Rumors of XRP's relisting get fresh life

Armstrong's statements naturally rekindled speculation about Coinbase relisting XRP.

The exchange suspended XRP trading on Jan. 19 after the SEC's filing of a lawsuit against Ripple, precipitating a significant price collapse.

Rumors of a Coinbase relisting began circulating on social media last month when XRP trading pairs began appearing on the company's mobile app, but it turned out to be a glitch.

Despite its legal difficulties, XRP has remained robust, with crypto tycoon Mike Novogratz recently stating that the cryptocurrency's value has quadrupled since the government filed its case.

Coinbase's run-in with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Ripple began partnering with Coinbase after Armstrong publicly chastised the Securities and Exchange Commission for threatening to sue the major exchange over its yet-to-launch loan product.

Even though the corporation complied with the SEC's requests and shelved the product in issue, it seems as if the company has not buried the hatchet with the mighty regulator.

Coinbase requested earlier this month that the agency be replaced with a new cryptocurrency-focused regulator, stating that the regulations enacted in the 1930s were unsuitable for the "technological revolution."

The exchange must persuade Congress to enact laws establishing the drastically different regulatory environment it envisions.


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