Iran has 30 digital currency mining farms licensed for mint

So far 30 cryptocurrency mine facilities have been permitted by Iranian officials. There are various regions in crypto-mining farms, including the Province of Tehran. In response to a repression of illicit miners in the nation, the government has released the data.

Two provinces are based on a third authorized mining company

Licenses were given by Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade for 30 crypto-monetary mining centres, disclosed this week, referencing public data that are posted on the website of the department.
In Tehran province, where the capital of the nation is located, one of these mining farms.

The province of Semnan, the administrative region east of Tehran with six cryptofarms, is home to the most permitted facilities.
The province of Alborz consists next of four provinces, followed by the provinces of Mazandaran, East and Zanjan.

The Ministry has also given 2,579 additional industry permits throughout the Islamic Republic, 305 of which are in the province of Zanjan.
The province of Fars is rated second and third in the English language daily, with its 262 permits and West Azerbaijan, with a total of 247 permits.

Two years ago, Iran legalized the legal practice of mining bitcoin.
The government has established a license system for organizations which wish to participate in the sector.
One investigation showed that last summer 14 bitcoin mining farms operated under these licences.

The Change of Tides by Iranian Miners

Initially, approved miners provided a reduction of roughly half the normal electricity rate—high cryptocurrency values and cheap energy costs make crypto-exporting into an appealing business in Iran.
However, things changed and the power shortages this year were partly attributed to the energy-intensive operation of currency minting.

Around May, officials stated that in peak hours, they will pull the plug on licensed crypto miners.
Authorized mining facilities consume around 300 megawatt of power every day according to official estimates.

Tehran has also been pursuing unlicensed miners, charging them with consuming over 2,000 megawatts a day. The electrical shortfall in the country is 5.000 megawatts, according to the state-owned electricity company Tavanir. Ultimately, Iran decided, until 22 Sept, to prohibit crypto mining.

Over 180 crypto farms in Tehran alone have been busted down by Iranian law enforcement in a year.
Previously, 3,000 items of mining equipment were taken by police from illicit businesses in June.
The Iranian police confiscated 7,000 bitcoin mining equipment last week. 

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