After being listed on Coinbase Pro, Polkadot (DOT) has increased by 15%.

Immediately following the introduction of the next Coinbase Pro list, the price of DOT rose by 15 percent. Coinbase Pro has announced that the Polkadot DOT tok will finally be traded on June 16.

  • Coinbase Pro has today included Polkadot's DOT coin, so that customers may now transfer DOT to their accounts.
  • However, it must also be noted that DOT only begins trading on 16 June, Wednesday, if they are satisfied with the liquidity circumstances.
  • In jurisdictions supporting Coinbase, except in Singapore, DOT is accessible.

We start taking DOT transfers to Coinbase Pro immediately. If liquidity criteria are fulfilled, the trade will commence on or after 9am Pacific time (PT) on Monday, 16 June. – Reads the message.

  • Coinbase is the world's largest and the largest American cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Of course, this big listing is a reason for volatility.
  • The price of DOT has increased by a shrinking 15 per cent to $25,550 after the announcement (on KuCoin).


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