With'scholarships,' the Axie Infinity guild CGU assists gamers in entering the fantasy play-to-earn NFT game.

"By playing-to-earn and learn," adds CGU co-founder Sergei Sergienko, "our scholars are obtaining important new abilities that will soon be in high demand by employers setting up business in the metaverse."

Axie Infinity, a monster-fighting NFT game, has gained a lot of popularity recently, with over $600 million worth of Axies purchased and traded in the last month. On the Ethereum (ETH) network, each Axie is a nonfungible token, or NFT. Axies, like Nintendo's Pokemon series, come in a variety of rarity kinds, each with its own set of powers and qualities, with the strongest commanding exorbitant rates on the game's marketplace. Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) are earned by completing daily missions, Using their Axies to slay monsters and battle other gamers in arenas. SLPs can then be traded for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Due to the hefty initial cost of purchasing, borrowing, and breeding Axies, in-game guilds have recently developed to subsidize players' upfront fees or provide scholarships in return for their SLP profits as they play. The Singapore-based Crypto Gaming United, or CGU, is one such in-game guild, with around 100,000 Discord users and a constant search for new scholars in the official Axie Infinity Discord.

Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU, emphasized to Cointelegraph that users are not obliged to spend anything to begin playing. Instead, CGU covers all fees associated with characters and NFTs with a scholarship of up to $4,000 per participant. CGU also offers instruction and mentorship to its associated gamers in order to improve their bitcoin understanding and gaming abilities. In exchange, CGU takes a 50% commission on players' earnings, part of which are sent to CGU token investors; after that, 5% of earnings are distributed to local management in the countries where CGU operates, leaving players with the remaining 45 percent. In addition, as a social security effort, the corporation is now testing a "pension plan" of 3% to 5% for its participants.

Sergienko claims that elite players may make up to 680 SLPs each day net (after CGU's cut). The average daily gaming time for elite players is roughly six hours. Meanwhile, for 60 hours of play each month, users on the lowest end of the earnings scale might earn around $120. Even on a pro-rated basis, this amount exceeds the minimum salary for full-time labor in countries where Axie Infinity is particularly popular, such as the Philippines and Russia. Many Axie players are said to be drawn to CGU from Cuba, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, and African countries.

CGU also runs the crypto-freelancing platform LaborX, in addition to focusing on play-to-earn games. CGU's website has a collection of anecdotes and testimonies from players who have partnered with the organization. Sergei had the following to say about the CGU guild's and its players' long-term development:

"We also recognize that play-to-earn may be a transitory fad, so we're searching for other options for all of our employees. We're employing academics to see what happens once the buzz dies down. We can help with this because we have a freelancing platform and a lot of schooling experience."


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