Cointelegraph makes its debut. Newsletter from Crypto Biz

Crypto Biz delivers a weekly pulse of the business underlying blockchain and cryptocurrencies to readers' mailboxes every Thursday. The cryptocurrency business has grown from a niche technical experiment to a $2.7 trillion worldwide asset class. It's past time for us to start treating it like a business - and reporting on it accordingly.

Over the last year, Cointelegraph's Business Beat has been chronicling the most important developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Over the last year, our business feed has been dominated by capital raising, high-profile collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, institutional adoption, and highly specialized investment funds.

Cointelegraph has launched the Crypto Biz newsletter, which will be delivered to your mailbox every Thursday with comments from our business editor, Sam Bourgi, as well as a weekly overview of the industry's top stories. And the email isn't just a summary of what you might have missed; we want you to know how the news affects you, the reader.

The goal of Crypto Biz is to offer you the commercial side of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Please enter your your address here to be added to the mailing list. Every Thursday, we'll contact you!


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