The Atari chain has teamed up with Luna PR to create a next-generation blockchain gaming coin.

The evolution of the gaming business from games like Pacman and Pong to modern-day games is extremely inspiring. The gaming business now generates over $300 billion in sales and has about 2.7 billion active players across the world. The DeFi sector is reshaping the way traditional entertainment is delivered today, and it is swiftly gaining traction in the media. The Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was established with the goal of becoming the industry's standard token.

Atari Chain has established a strategic agreement with Luna PR, an award-winning crypto PR and marketing agency, to highlight the company's innovation and competitive advantage. The cooperation will bring Atari Chain's technological breakthroughs and operations to the attention of the public, helping them to realize their aim of creating a token that will fuel the interactive entertainment industry's future.

The Atari Token was introduced in 2020 by Atari Chain in partnership with the ICICB Group, which has a 50% position in Atari Chain LTD, a Gibraltar-based company. The ICICB Group has been granted an exclusive license by Atari Chain to create a crypto-currency-based gaming platform. The ICICB Group is a holding company with licenses in FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges, financial houses, and hedge funds.

Atari Chain will provide developers and publishers additional choices for exploitation of Atari's goods, smart contract integration, in-game asset security, and much more, in addition to allowing the Atari Token to be utilized as broadly as possible across the interactive entertainment industry.

The native $ATRI utility token, which will serve as the standard payment for different online entertainment events, is at the heart of Atari Chain.

With its ATRI token, Atari Chain hopes to become the payment standard for a variety of online entertainment activities such as video games, gambling, and betting. Currently, fewer than 1% of gamers make money from their gaming time. Atari Chain intends to address this problem by creating a system that allows gamers to successfully swap their in-game resources for crypto tokens or even fiat cash.

Game makers will be able to use the token as a payment method directly in their games. Finally, network users will be able to utilize ATRI to watch their favorite players play, purchase resources and VCS games, and participate in interactive games like as gambling. As a platform's gas, comparable to Ethereum. The coin also includes a built-in governance mechanism that aids in the ecosystem's decentralization.

Atari Token was created with the goal of allowing billions of people to participate in the global economy. The market capitalization of $ATRI is now about $135 million.

Luna PR will also collaborate closely with the Atari team to inform consumers about the newest developments in Atari Chain, such as the Atari Smart Wallet and their rapidly expanding metaverse. This wallet will allow users to purchase and trade a variety of cryptocurrency assets, including ATRI, ETH, USDT, BTC, LTC, and BNB, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Atari Chain's Background

The launch of Atari Chain heralds the start of a new era in the blockchain gaming industry and cryptocurrency trading. Atari Chain, a well-known video game pioneer, plans to develop a decentralized cryptocurrency that will become the industry standard in the blockchain video game business. Over the years, Atari Chain has established a solid reputation. Their innovative gaming platform provides multi-beneficial ease of integration, security, and liquidity to both developers and gamers.

The platform brings together a vast user base and unites several initiatives into a single, open, and integrated token that can be easily linked into games and blockchain-based apps, aiming to become the world's first cryptocurrency.

Visit Atari Chain's website, Reddit, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Telegram for more information.

Luna Public Relations

Nikita Sachdev founded Luna PR, an award-winning advising, marketing, and public relations firm, in 2017. With the support of a skilled staff, the organization has years of experience handling crypto and defi projects across five continents. Luna PR has aided a number of well-known initiatives in realizing their full potential and reaching their target audiences in the most efficient way possible.

Visit Luna PR's website, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more information.


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