Bloktopia (BLOK): What Is It And How Does It Work?

Right now, the Metaverse is a hot issue. It's a big initiative that aims to bring together and merge several platforms into one cosmos, breaking down a lot of barriers in the process. In the Metaverse, the blockchain is expected to play a significant role.

Bloktopia sees things headed in that direction. It brings a decentralized Metaverse to the table, which is being constructed and supported by the Polygon Network. This is in the form of a virtual reality experience that might bring the community together.

What exactly is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a Metaverse experience that is decentralized. Real Estate Bloks may be acquired and regulated by BLOK token holders in the form of a tokenized VR Crypto Skyscraper.

Users may tour the building with their avatar, which they control in virtual reality. Users may visit a number of locations, including an auditorium where virtual events can be hosted, a penthouse where gaming takes place, and even a virtual CoinMarketCap area.

What's the deal with Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a virtual reality universe set on the 21st level of a skyscraper. A marketplace allows users to buy 'Real Estate Bloks,' which are NFTs in the form of real estate. These Bloks may then be developed on, allowing users to customize them as they see appropriate.

Users can choose to be a shared owner or a solo owner of the Bloks. In the case of joint ownership, any modifications will be governed by a process in which the owners vote in proportion to their NFT holding %. Bloktopia's capacity to promote inside the Metaverse is a major selling point. To advertise a brand, so-called Adbloks can be acquired. Totems, commercial banners, and even radio advertisements are examples of these. The NFT holders will receive half of the income produced from this.

The Polygon Network is used to power the platform. The Bloktopia wallet, on the other hand, will handle numerous blockchains, including POLY, BTC, ETH BSC, and others.

Bloktopia was invented by who?

Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll established Bloktopia. Ross is the company's CEO, and he's been working in the cryptocurrency field since its inception in 2015. He has extensive expertise and understanding in the field of retail investing. His contribution to the realization of Bloktopia is crucial.

Paddy is the Chief Marketing Officer. Before co-founding Bloktopia, he worked for a number of major businesses in the United Kingdom. His knowledge in marketing will aid in advancing the platform's ad revenue potential.

What exactly is a BLOK token?

The Bloktopia project's utility token is BLOK. The following is the token distribution:

33 percent in the Treasury

Staking percentage: 25%

15 percent for the team

7 percent of advisors

Round 1 of the private round: 4.15 percent

Round of Seeds: 4%

3.9 percent of early adopters

1.4 percent of the public sale

Liquidity on the exchange: 1%

What is the purpose of the BLOK token?

The BLOK token can be used in a variety of ways. It is Bloktopia's native token and hence serves as the ecosystem's primary currency. Holders of BLOK will have particular benefits, especially if they have a substantial amount of the currency. The token will also be used for advertising and sponsorship income. Users will also be able to earn BLOK for participating in community activities through a rewards scheme. After that, there's the staking. Stake BLOK to help run the network and get excellent APYs in return.

last thoughts

Bloktopia is the epitome of modernity in terms of advances. You can understand the attraction of this configuration by combining blockchain with virtual reality in a Metaverse where NFTs take center stage. The initiative capitalizes on the desire of the community to not only produce, but also earn and play, all of which are appealing to the typical user. Bloktopia may only be a beginning place for new users to enter the crypto realm and understand the principles, with a market of VR users to tap into. If it can achieve that, it should have a good chance of succeeding.


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