Crypto games, NFTs, and Web3 are projected to attract the next billion crypto consumers.

Here's one strategy for attracting the next billion crypto users: NFTs + Web3 + crypto games, Let's take a look at the current surge in the gaming industry. Crypto gaming has exploded, according to DappRadar, an analytics website. The majority of activity in the Dapp business last month was dominated by blockchain gaming. Over the last month, gaming dapps were used by almost 55 percent of unique active wallets (UAW), totaling 1.19 million users.

Axie Infinity, a blockchain game created by Sky Mavis, is used by more than half of all blockchain gamers. It is also projected to expand further. Especially because the non-fungible token (NFT) market has seen a comparable surge.

At the Bloomberg Financial Innovation Summit, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) expressed the same optimism. The major plot is as follows: Gaming Cryptocurrency may be pushed into the mainstream through NFT.

The crypto sector NFT has grown at a breakneck pace in the last year - that is a truth. This, combined with the gaming boom, is gaining in popularity.

Whether it's incorporating NFTs into video games or tickets for venues, events, or teams, Bankman-Fried believes the industry activity makes "a lot of sense" as a product. It may also be used as a clean innovation layer on top of existing structures, according to him.

In addition, the millionaire stated:

"So when you hear about top-tier gaming companies seeking to include cryptocurrency into their systems, I'm fairly optimistic on it."

There is, however, a significant distinction between crypto firms attempting to create a game and gaming companies attempting to include crypto into their games. The same story was emphasized in the tweet below. Integrating markets into games may increase participation, and this isn't limited to cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the well-known crypto enthusiast has invested some money in this fascinating field.

Consider this: his business, FTX, along with Lightspeed Venture Partners and Solana Ventures, invested $100 million in the creation of Web 3 gaming. The news arrives at a time when the notion of metaverses, or virtual worlds, is gaining traction. Facebook's corporate name was changed to Meta last week as the business worked on new technologies to enable people interact and explore the metaverse.

As a result of this relationship, FTX's CEO stated:

"We're *really* happy to be working with some of our greatest partners to build out what might be the sector's biggest growth area: web3 + gaming + NFTs," says the company. Or, as it's now referred to, "the metaverse."

Various people have expressed their optimism about this step, which is unsurprising. For example, within the previous 24 hours, the price of these 'play-to-earn' tokens has increased. It's a different thing whether these tokens, such as Axie Infinity's AXS and Sandbox's SAND, can live up to the expectations.


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