Verasity has rebranded their esports Fight Club as VeraEsports.

On November 8, Esports Fight Club (EFC), the premier blockchain-powered watch-and-earn platform, revealed that its rebrand to VeraEsports had been completed successfully. Verasity, a blockchain company recognized for its proprietary Proof-of-View technology and the parent company of VeraEsports, undertook the rebranding in order to position the esports platform for major growth in the gaming industry as well as institutional collaborations.

EFC was initially introduced by Verasity in 2019 as a proof-of-concept for the company's unique Proof of View technology. Since then, VeraEsports has amassed a sizable market share in the esports streaming industry, with over 10 million users. VeraEsports users are awarded with a variety of incentives for participating with the platform, which helps publishers and streamers increase user engagement. VeraEsports users may also compete for a pool of tokens by participating in or hosting online tournaments for various titles.

VeraEsports has partnered with a variety of top gaming businesses and games, including Dota, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Riot, and others, since its debut. Verasity has introduced millions of online gamers to its blockchain-based watch-and-earn feature while also demonstrating the significant benefits of its Proof of View technology to worldwide organizations by holding tournaments and streaming of major esports titles on VeraEsports.

RJ Mark, the company's CEO, stated:

"The redesign of Esports Fight Club was done to better connect with Verasity as we aim to bring the esports and crypto communities together in a single hub— as well as to represent a whole new age in esports." We collaborated with our partners to create an entirely new gaming experience. Advertisers and content providers will benefit from a safe, transparent platform that protects them from fraud, bots, and bad actors."

VeraEsports maintains its reputation for dependability among its users and partners, assuring them that the site is free of bots and bogus news. The successful rebranding provides an opportunity for an open and innovative environment for online gaming and cryptocurrency in general. On, esports enthusiasts may start playing, watching, and earning points — or join the esports community on Discord. Readers may follow Verasity on Telegram and Twitter for further information on the topic.

VeraEsports is a competitive esports and video streaming platform that is fully linked with both the fiat and digital asset economies. VeraEsports, which is built on Verasity's blockchain platform, uses its unique Proof of View technology to provide marketers and sponsors with an ecosystem devoid of bots and non-human views. In the worldwide esports market, VeraEsports is providing new social and economic opportunities for video gamers, teams, event organizers, fans, and advertisers. Viewers can earn redeemable points merely by watching their favorite event streams with VeraEsports' new watch-and-earn service.

Concerning Authenticity is a blockchain platform for esports and digital content that includes both a protocol and a product layer. Verasity is dedicated to providing a better user experience for everyone involved in the digital content industry. We're trying to eradicate online ad and nonfungible token (NFT) fraud using our unique Proof of View technology, which provides transparency, security, and confidence – eventually revolutionizing how digital advertising is done. Verasity's superior blockchain technology and the greatest gamified watching experience promise to dominate the esports market.


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