Cardano (ADA) is on pace with Ethiopia's "digital revolution."

On few instances, Cardano's presence in Africa has been questioned. Hoskinson, on the other hand, has responded by shutting down any doubts. The IOHK team, led by Charles Hoskinson, has been visiting businesses and politicians across Africa this month in order to further the Cardano cause.

As part of this, Hoskinson and his colleagues "dropped by" Ethiopia's Ministry of Education for a follow-up on the student certification system that was initially discussed in August.

"I stopped by the Ministry of Education today to talk about Ethiopia's educational credentials' digital transition. Five million kids are on track."

The credential system aimed to rewrite the academic records of 5 million students by capturing data and providing a digital identification system by putting information such as attendance and grades on the blockchain.

According to Hoskinson, the initiative is still in its early stages. Later on, the plan is to utilize it as a springboard for the country's first national ID system. This would bring the total number of users to 110 million.

"We intend to compete for the entire national ID system, which covers around 110 million individuals," says the company. 

Cardano is making waves throughout the world.

The Project Management Institute selected the Cardano Atala Prism project in Ethiopia as the 14th (out of 50) most significant project in 2021. (PMI).

"The initiative is proving how crypto assets may help promote good socioeconomic development across Africa and beyond as the largest blockchain contract ever signed by a government."

The PMI recognized the initiative as a gamechanger with the potential to enhance Ethiopian students' educational achievements.

According to IOHK's Director of African Operations, John O'Conner, there was early government opposition to the project. However, the government began to recognize that digital identity and blockchain technologies aren't as disruptive as previously believed.

Atala Prism, according to O'Conner, enables governments to satisfy their documentation administration duties while simultaneously making progress toward broader digitization.

The story of Africa is explained.

On few instances, Cardano's presence in Africa has been questioned. However, Hoskinson has replied by dismissing any doubts, claiming that the region holds immense promise. A recent blog article explains why IOHK is in Africa, and a recent blog post explains the rationale behind the relocation.

It claims that Africa has "no allegiances to prior systems," which haven't "worked out so well here" in any event. As a result, the whole infrastructure in terms of creating better, more equal ways of doing things is up for grabs.

"Right now, you don't go where the ball is." You proceed to the location where the ball will be."

By placing itself today, Cardano will be able to ride the wave of advancement as Africa's importance on the world stage grows.


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