On the Shiba Inu Listing, Kraken Kicks the Can Down the Road

Kraken's product head indicated that if the community could collect 2,000 likes, the San Francisco-based exchange will launch the coin on Tuesday. Despite the fact that the Shiba Inu army crushed the objective in minutes, the listing did not take place yesterday, much to the dismay of several SHIB supporters.

Kraken claims to have heard "loud and clear" from one of the largest crypto groups.

In reaction to the amount of participation shown by its members, Hoffman described the community as "crazy."

The price of SHIB has decreased over 11% since the world's largest Shiba Inu whale began shifting cash to several wallets earlier today.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will consider listing the Shiba Inu coin in the future, despite the fact that it still needs more work.


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