MEXC Pioneer has established a $100 million growth fund to support its ambitious plans.

A vibrant digital assets market has resulted from the rise of DeFi and cryptocurrencies in the previous 18 months. MEXC Global, a cryptocurrency exchange, has created a platform to help fresh enterprises, inventors, and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into reality.

The overall wealth locked in decentralized finance initiatives has increased by about 380 percent to $98 billion since October 2020. More and more individuals are discovering new methods to create tomorrow's financial goods using DeFi's unique money legos. As a result, the number of projects starting and people creating has increased.

MEXC Pioneer is introducing a $100 million growth fund to encourage blockchain technology and infrastructure initiatives, particularly those focusing on developing cross-chain infrastructures, NFTs, gaming, and decentralized financial systems, to commemorate the platform's debut.

MEXC Pioneer is the realization of renowned MEXC Global CEO John Chen Ju's mission of assisting people with fresh ideas to develop and thrive.

MEXC Global has a proven track record of driving this expansion, particularly in terms of assisting new and innovative initiatives in taking their initial steps forward. It has already backed over 100 new projects in its brief lifespan.

These include early backing for ecosystem initiatives including Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and Algorand. All of them have become household names in the crypto-sphere. MEXC Pioneer is the outcome of the exchange's specialists and visionaries 'bottling up' the magic recipe to aid the growth of other innovative businesses.

MEXC Global has previously offered assistance in the form of ecosystem and growth funding, financial and technical assistance, and assisting each initiative in growing and sustaining their communities.

The MEXC Pioneer platform and team will not only fund and promote decentralized enterprises, but will also assist in the identification, investment, marketing of these projects, and create communities of the world's most brilliant decentralized developers and teams.

MEXC Pioneer isn't just interested in forging strong bonds between decentralized projects and ecosystems; it also wants to improve the stability and trust between projects, users, and investors, all while assisting our users and partners in their growth and development.

"In this incredible period of progress for decentralized technology, we aim to construct a specific platform with all of our resources combined to assist the innovative development teams and projects, and help bring their ideas to reality," Katherine Deng, Founder of MEXC Pioneer, stated.


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