Will MATIC and Chainlink slip into Cardano's shadow?

The crypto market has been volatile for a few weeks, especially for Cardano. The expected corrections did materialize, but they had little impact on the price activity. And the ADA took a stand against corrections. It gained a lot of ground this week, but will it be able to outperform other altcoins?

Cardano vs. MATIC, as well as Chainlink

ADA has gained 16.13 percent in the last seven days to trade at $2.83. MATIC, on the other hand, lost roughly 10.9 percent of its gains, while LINK followed suit, losing over 9%.

Not only has the price of these two altcoins been negative, but on-chain indicators have been generally negative as well. But this is where Cardano's advantage over the other two ends, because the three cryptocurrencies have distinct purposes for their networks.

Cardano aspires to be the digital currency of the future by building a network that encompasses all aspects of blockchain and financial technology. It competes with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Polygon, MATIC's Ethereum-based network, focuses on improving interoperability and scalability. Chainlink, on the other hand, is a decentralized oracle network that feeds real-world data into blockchain smart contracts.

Which of the three altcoins is the most promising?

When comparing the values of the coins, LINK is more valuable than Cardano and MATIC. MATIC, on the other hand, guarantees a better return on investment than ADA and Chainlink.

Furthermore, both altcoins have a higher level of development activity than Cardano. Is it true that Cardano is on the verge of receiving the Alonzo update, which will add smart contracts to the network? On the other side, MATIC has been in the news due to a partnership between Cashaa and Polygon that allows CAS to be transferred from BSC to Polygon. Arbitrum has been increasing as well, thanks to its integration with Chainlink's oracle feed.

Based on the aforementioned factors, it does not appear that Cardano will eclipse these cryptocurrencies, as they will continue to be strong investment opportunities.


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