Colombian President's Advisor: Bitcoin Is the "Most Brilliant Piece of Software Ever"

Bitcoin has been dubbed the "most amazing piece of software ever" by a Colombian presidential adviser. Presidential advisor Jehudi Castro Sierra praised Bitcoin's technological prowess in an interview with CryptoPotato. Castro Sierra, whose major role is to advise the country's leader on technological and digital transformation issues, said Bitcoin has become a primary interest for him.

Before focusing on Bitcoin's monetary innovation, Castro Sierra told his interviewer that he initially saw it as a "wonderful open-source project":

After a while, I became interested in the monetary innovation that it symbolizes, and I'm currently learning new things on a daily basis.

Cryptoassets are one of the presidential advisor's "primary concerns," and he praises the technology as a "creative sandbox" for reaching individuals in a secure manner. Castro Sierra stated that the administration was interested in adopting “friendly” regulations that would encourage innovation and attract foreign investment to the country.

Castro Sierra also praised El Salvador for adopting Bitcoin as legal cash, calling it a "brave gesture." He said nothing about whether Colombia would follow suit and recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Instead, he acknowledged the dangers of cryptoassets, but predicted that the sector would “bring new investments” to Colombia.


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