A major hotel in the Swiss Alps now accepts cryptocurrency payments.

In high season, the Chedi Andermatt's 123 rooms and suites start at 1,300 francs per night, or around 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH. A five-star hotel in a wealthy section of the Swiss Alps is ready to take Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as payment from visitors after four years of debate.

Guests at the Chedi Andermatt hotel can now pay bills of more than 200 Swiss francs — around $218 — using Bitcoin or Ether, according to an article published on Aug. 26 by Swiss news source Blick. Prices appear to be set in fiat to avoid any risk of volatility, with the hotel instantly turning any cryptocurrency received into francs.

“We've understood for a long time that cryptocurrencies have a future in hotel operations,” said Jean-Yves Blatt, the hotel's general manager. “We are happy to be one of the first Swiss luxury hotels to be able to offer our guests cryptocurrencies as a secure method of payment, as the distribution and acceptability of cryptocurrency payments continues to grow.”

The Chedi Andermatt, which opened in 2013, includes 123 rooms and suites that start at 1,300 francs per night in high season, or around 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH. According to Coinmap, there is also a BTC-accepting holiday rental in the region.

Despite the fact that many firms have begun to accept digital assets, Switzerland has long been a crypto-friendly country. The Swiss canton of Zug, dubbed "Crypto Valley," is home to a slew of blockchain and crypto companies, as well as tokens that are widely used for a variety of reasons. Zug announced in February that people would be able to pay taxes in cryptocurrency for the first time.


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