Polygon will establish a decentralized, self-governing organization.

According to the platform, as the Polygon ecosystem evolves, committee members will have a head start on others in terms of increasing cross-collaboration for their products. Polygon, an Ethereum scaling infrastructure provider, has announced the formation of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, for all of its community members as well as DeFi projects.

Polygon members were asked to give their opinions on the platform becoming a DAO in a statement released on Thursday. Polygon reports that the company aims to form committees to foster conversation among initiatives such as QuickSwap, Sushi Aave, and others in order to “bring DeFi to the next million users.”

“As the Polygon ecosystem grows, committee members will have an advantage over others in terms of increasing cross-collaboration for their products,” the initiative stated. “Voting for new member elections might be done in a variety of ways, such as utilizing staked MATIC on PoS or through DAO tokenholders.”

The DAO, according to Polygon, might provide a way to scale initiatives based on software development kits, or SDKs. On layer-two rollups, “anyone producing tooling, integrations, and projects” might benefit.

Polygon announced less than a week ago that Hermez Network would be merged into its ecosystem for $250 million. Polygon's foray into zero-knowledge proofs coincided with the merger.


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