The first providers have joined the BTC-XMR Atomic Swap on the Monero Network.

Monero has recently improved its privacy. The Monero network launched a Bitcoin-Monero atomic exchange in May, but the first atomic swap providers are just now starting to materialize.

According to the most recent tweet, a single Monero user has become one of the network's first providers. All Monero users can now swap their coins via a command-line interface (CLI).

The exchange is being supplied with a pretty significant 20% cost, which is usually employed in Bitcoin ATMs, as indicated in the tweet. With several additional swap providers now arriving on the network, the community is hoping to reduce the charge.

Atomic swaps allow users to swap or exchange their coins in a fully decentralized manner without the intervention of third parties. Due to the centralized nature of most exchanges, atomic swaps were greatly anticipated by the community because Monero is positioned as a "privacy coin."

Users must utilize command-line interfaces to perform swaps for the time being. Graphic interfaces will be implemented soon, according to the developers.


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