A 5-star hotel in the Swiss Alps will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.

The 5-star Chedi Andermatt hotel, Turpial Airlines, a Venezuelan airline, and Dolle Mol, a Belgian bar, are the latest to accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

According to reports, the Chedi Andermatt will be the first Swiss hotel to accept digital assets as a form of payment. Guests can now use bitcoin or ether to pay for hotel bills totaling more than 200 CHF ($218).

Turpial Airlines, a Venezuelan airline, and Dolle Mol, a famous Belgian pub, have both joined the crypto frenzy by accepting virtual currencies as a form of payment.

Crypto Adoption in the Alps

According to Blick, the Chedi Andermatt has begun taking cryptocurrency payments. For openers, the five-star hotel in the Swiss Alps has added bitcoin and ether, the two largest virtual assets by market value. If a guest's hotel bill surpasses 200 CHF ($218), they can use them as a payment method.

Given that a single night in a double room costs over $600, the new cryptocurrency option's price restriction appears to be easily accessible. The hotel is located in the heart of the Alps and provides 123 rooms with breathtaking views.

Jean-Yves Blatt, General Manager of the Chedi Andermatt, had this to say about the development:

“Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, we are happy to be the first Swiss hotel to accept cryptocurrency payments as a safe and secure method of payment,” says the hotel.

While the hotel is the first in Switzerland to accept digital asset payments, it is not a global first. As CryptoPotato revealed in July, the Pavilions Hotel & Resort now accepts more than 40 cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH.

In addition, The Pavilions Residences, which has locations in Phuket and Niseko, has begun to accept digital assets as payment for property transactions.

Venezuela and Belgium are also represented.

Turpial Airlines, a Venezuelan carrier, is also expected to accept the major cryptocurrency as a payment method. The South American corporation went on to say that travelers could buy plane tickets with BTC on the official website, as well as Zelle and PayPal.

In its industry, the Venezuelan airline is a modest company. It operates four international routes and operates a three-plane fleet. Turpial Airlines flies to Cancun, Mexico, Tocumen, Panama, Santo Domingo, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic (the Dominican Republic).

Dolle Mol, a Belgian anarchist tavern, has recently joined the crypto bandwagon. Customers can now use digital assets to pay for a pint of beer. The bartenders, on the other hand, did not disclose which virtual currencies they had added.

One of the shareholders, Grégoire, defined the asset class as “the future:”

“Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the future's money. We want to make it possible for everyone to buy a pint using this new payment method.”

Customers had yet to take use of the new service, he stated. When he compared the crypto sector to the Internet in the early 1990s, he raised optimism that things would change. The international computer network was not well-known at the time, but it is today at the heart of practically every human endeavor.

Clients could pay for drinks in a variety of ways, according to Grégoire:

“If you want to pay for a pint with Bitcoin, for example, you can do so quickly and easily with a QR code. The money will be transferred to our personal bank account, and we will enter that amount on the register.”


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