Audius, a crypto-powered music streaming company, has partnered with TikTok

Approximately 95 percent of customers, according to Audius co-founder and chief product officer Forrest Browning, "have no notion that blockchain is even involved." Audius, a music-sharing protocol, was one of the first streaming companies to collaborate with TikTok, allowing users to upload tunes directly to the popular app.

Audius said on Monday that it has teamed up with TikTok to create a new product called TikTok Sounds. According to a Rolling Stone interview with Audius co-founder and chief product officer Forrest Browning, the integration will allow users to quickly export music generated with the protocol to TikTok.

Though Audius claims it wants to use blockchain technology to compensate content producers and promote transparency in artist compensation, the TikTok integration appears to be more about the music than pushing bitcoin or decentralized finance ideas. Approximately 95 percent of Audius users, according to Browning, "have no notion that blockchain is even involved."

TikTok, which has around one billion monthly active users, stated in July that 75 percent of its users in the United States use the app to discover new artists. Following an October debut, Audius now has about 5 million monthly active users, with many of its governance tokens awarded to producers based on the amount of streams they generate. TikTok currently does not allow users to obtain performance royalties from streaming music, but it does provide options for publicity and fan involvement.

Given TikTok's July resolution to ban cryptocurrency-based promotional content as well as "the advertising of all financial services and products," the integration is somewhat surprising. Dogecoin (DOGE) is a meme-based cryptocurrency that gained popularity last year thanks to TikTok videos.


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