After Bitcoin's price bounces off a crucial moving average, altcoins skyrocket.

Bitcoin's price consistently bounced off its 20-day moving average, triggering a massive spike in VGX, CHSB, and EWT. The cryptocurrency market started off to a poor start on Aug. 19 after U.S. Federal Reserve stimulus tapering negotiations placed pressure on global financial markets, but momentum picked up in the afternoon session as Bitcoin (BTC) bulls finally broke above the $46,000 threshold.

While most cryptocurrencies were sluggish to warm up on Thursday, due to major protocol improvements and exchange listings, many altcoins led the way with increases of more than 20%.

Investors are excited about Voyager 2.0.

The Voyager platform's native coin, VGX, is a cryptocurrency broker that caters to both individual and institutional investors.

The VORTECSTM Score is an automated analysis of history and present market circumstances based on market mood, trade volume, recent price changes, and Twitter activity.

The VORTECSTM Score for VGX went green on August 15 and climbed to a high of 85 on August 16, roughly 46 hours before the price soared 100 percent the next day, as shown in the chart above.

The project is generating excitement as VGX and the platform undergo a token swap and upgrade to Voyager 2.0.

After a fresh exchange listing, SwissBorg surges.

SwissBorg is a wealth management platform that offers a community-centric environment for users to exchange and store their crypto assets. The CHSB coin was published on the Bitfinex exchange on Aug. 18, resulting in a surge in momentum for the project, and the ecosystem's growing strength is highlighted by the recent announcement that the SwissBorg community now has 450,000 verified users.

Staking Energy Web Tokens attracts people.

The price of Energy Web Token has also risen today, following the launch of new staking tools by the project. For quite some time, the market conditions for EWT have been good. The VORTECSTM Score for EWT began to rise on August 13 and reached a high of 77 on August 14, roughly 84 hours before the price climbed by 33% the next day, as shown in the chart above.

Interest in the project has begun to grow as a result of a series of team member-led talks that explain various features of the protocol, such as staking and the user interface known as the "switchboard."

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently $1.954 trillion, with Bitcoin commanding 43.9 percent of the market.


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