Update on the XRP lawsuit: The court has granted Ripple and the SEC's request for an expert discovery extension.

Judge Sarah Netburn approved Ripple and the SEC's request to extend the expert discovery deadline. James K. Filan was the first to break the news, noting that the court has also allowed an extension for filing pre-motion letters in the case of a summary judgment. However, no deadline has yet been set.

The lawyer wrote on Twitter,

“#XRPCommunity #SECGov vs. #XRP #Ripple The application for a time extension was granted by the court. The deadline for submitting pre-motion letters for summary judgment has been extended, but no deadline has been set until the motions to strike and dismiss are resolved.”

Earlier this week, the two sides submitted a combined motion to postpone the depositions of Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen until after the Fact Discovery deadline. This was done owing to the “unexpected illness of an attorney important to the Larsen deposition,” according to the complaint.

While the parties agreed on a schedule for the depositions in September, the court has yet to set a date. However, “granting of applications for extensions of time are regularly ruled on in this fashion,” according to the attorney. He explained that this is known as a Docket Order.

Filan continued,

“Adjourned sine die” implies that no specific date has been set for filing pre-motion letters or Statements of Material Facts since such dates will be determined by the Court's decision on the pending Motion to Strike and Motions to Dismiss.

The Court has yet to make a decision on the outstanding motions. Only when these decisions have been taken can more documents be filed.

However, there is no way of knowing how long it will take. Furthermore, there have been rumors that the next hearing in the case, planned for August 31, will be open to the public.

It's unclear what the SEC and Ripple have discovered so yet. According to onlookers, both parties have some substantial pieces of evidence to support their respective positions. Unfortunately, depending on how the privilege problem plays out, these details may or may not be made public.


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