Dogecoin holders can now use DOGE to purchase a Tesla

Dogecoin has recently been promoted as a payment option for a variety of purposes. Things like the Dogecoin festival, which accepts Dogecoin as payment for tickets. And Mark Cuban said that his Dallas Mavericks basketball team would begin accepting Doge payments. One feature that the community had been anticipating was the ability to pay for Tesla automobiles with Doge. Because its CEO is one of the most ardent proponents of the meme coin.

It is now possible to purchase a Tesla electric vehicle using Dogecoin. However, not from the EV maker. Bots Inc, a worldwide blockchain technology business, recently stated that Dogecoin will be used to purchase automobiles similar to Tesla. The organization is known for offering businesses with blockchain-based solutions. Its most recent foray was into the vehicle dealership business.

Purchasing a Tesla with DOGE

Bots Inc stated in a press statement that it opted to enable Doge payments to its merchants because it agreed with Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. Holders who want to buy a Tesla will be able to do so with their Doge. Despite the fact that the vehicles being purchased are pre-owned. Regardless, used Teslas are still quite expensive. Cars like the Tesla Model 3 sell for a lot of money because people are willing to pay a lot of money for them.

Bots Inc will also allow their merchants to purchase cars with currencies other than Doge. While the press release does not specify which cryptocurrencies will be accepted, it does state that customers will be able to pay with both Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. As a result, the blockchain company is now one of the first publicly traded companies to use Doge as a payment method.

Tesla is now accepting Dogecoin as payment.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk asked the Twitter community if Tesla should accept Dogecoin in a poll. The coin was adopted by the carmaker with an overwhelming majority of votes. However, there has been no word on whether or not the coin will be accepted. It's improbable that the electric vehicle manufacturer will ever accept Doge payments.

Tesla had already begun accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric automobiles. However, it later disabled this feature. Bitcoin payments have been suspended due to environmental issues about Bitcoin mining.

Following that, Musk tweeted that the company would very certainly resume accepting bitcoin payments. This would only happen if the energy needed to mine the cryptocurrency hit a 50% renewable power threshold. Renewable energy is becoming more essential in the mining industry as miners migrate out of China.


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