Nations will use crypto technology to power a wide range of government operations, according to Cardano's creator.

Nation-states will one day depend on smart contract platforms to run large swathes of their government activities, according to Cardano's creator. According to Charles Hoskinson, speaking at the Cardano Summit 2021, new forms of governance based on blockchain technology may emerge as a result of widespread dissatisfaction with existing centralized institutions.

“People are very dissatisfied with government. There is a desire for new systems, new governance models, and new kinds of institutions.

Everyone in the globe is taking a step back and declaring that "new systems are needed." Without an empire, [crypto] is the only business that has worked out a way to bring us [where we want to go]... Without monarchs, presidents, and dictators, the world would be a very different place...

We consider how individuals will utilize these technologies in 2025 and 2030. There will be billions of transactions and apps, and nation-states will be in charge of them, operating their voting systems, payment systems, and stock markets [on decentralized ledgers].

Hundreds, thousands, and eventually tens of thousands of decentralized apps will emerge in the next months and years... Eventually, such applications will begin to include more and larger segments of society.”

According to CoinGecko, Cardano is trading at $2.23 at the time of writing, down 8% from its seven-day high of $2.43.


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