Compound (COMP) bug results in $90 million in unintended payouts

Protocol for staking After a faulty software update, Compound, the world's fifth-largest DeFi protocol, inadvertently dumped $90 million into users' hands. After a botched software update, users of COMP tokens were suddenly given $90 million in COMP tokens. Compound is a decentralized finance (DeFi) autonomous interest rate system that runs on top of a blockchain and utilizes self-executing smart contracts. Normally, users would lend their bitcoin to borrowers at a fixed interest rate, known as the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) (APY). As a result, the payment of $29 million in COMP tokens to one user and $70 million to another was much more than anticipated. Simultaneously, Compound's creator, Robert Leshner, pleaded for the COMP tokens' return, warning in a tweet that the business would make private information about its customers public, as well as reporting receivers to the Internal Revenue Service. Leshner subsequently apologized for the post.

Paying the IRS vs. paying the Compound Interest

According to Bitcoin creator Ben Carman, the business cannot recover its funds without rolling back the [block]chain, and no one is obligated by law to reimburse Compound. If users opt to retain 10% of the erroneously issued tokens and return the rest, they will essentially avoid having to declare the returned coins as income to the IRS. Should Compound disclose the tokens to the IRS, they would be liable to pay income tax on the whole token value at the time of receipt if they chose to retain all of them. A DeFi system called Alchemix recently had a similar setback, and the vast majority of users who got additional incentives by mistake returned them.

Alchemix, on the other hand, only lost $4.8 million, compared to Compound's $90 million loss. To Compound's credit, no borrowed or provided money were put at risk. It does, however, raise concerns about the possibility of a repeat occurrence.

Investors are becoming interested in the DeFi space.

headquartered in San Francisco Compound is one of many DeFi protocols that re-create conventional financial institutions using smart contracts on the blockchain. With a market capitalization of $9.65 billion, they received $25 million in Series A financing from venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz. Robert Leshner, the company's creator, is a former economist who was motivated to create Compound after seeing that the cryptocurrency industry was trapped in a zero-interest situation.


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