Helium and Dish Network have teamed together to extend their crypto-based distributed 5G network.

In return for HNT incentives, Helium has formed a new collaboration with Dish Network, which will expand its 5G network. Any cryptocurrency project's ultimate objective is to acquire universal acceptance by providing a use case that provides real-world value that can be implemented in every household throughout the world.

Helium, a 5G Internet-of-Things-focused initiative, took a key step toward increased acceptance on Oct. 26 when it announced a new relationship with Dish Network, thanks to its user-run wireless network. The agreement will allow Dish Network members to operate Helium nodes and receive HNT token incentives for sharing their 5G wireless service with others in their vicinity, according to the statement.

This is the first major carrier to incorporate the Helium 5G network into its ecosystem, which is a significant evidence of the project's and technology's success.

Helium COO Frank Mong spoke with Decrypt media about the cooperation and what it implies for the Helium network's future.

According to Mong,

“As the first large carrier to join The People's Network, Dish recognizes the potential of blockchain in the cellular sector, and this cooperation is true proof that the HNT incentive model is a strong tool for developing infrastructure at scale. Helium 5G will have a far larger reach with Dish and FreedomFi, allowing customers to benefit from the flywheel of network incentives and apps."

The Helium network is growing at an exponential rate.

The Dish Network agreement is the latest in a year of rapid expansion for the Helium network, which currently includes over 256,000 unique nodes controlled by 93,561 people across the globe. A community vote in April allowed the addition of a second 5G capable network to the protocol via a collaboration with FreedomFi, making this relationship with Dish Network feasible. Helium will be able to support devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops as a result of this.

Helium has also gotten a lot of help from hardware manufacturers, who have started developing hotspots compatible with the Helium network, which is anticipated to enhance the network's reach.


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