Bloktopia, a virtual reality metaverse, has teamed up with Animoca Brands, Jake Paul, and Bitboy to provide users with cryptocurrency knowledge.

A virtual reality metaverse is utilizing the greatest brains in bitcoin in a 21-floor tower full with instructional material, bringing together many separate experiences. For newcomers to the bitcoin realm, there are numerous unknown subtleties, making it more difficult to navigate. Crypto Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube all add to the user's currency ecology of fragmented data.

Fortunately, the metaverse idea may be able to bring disparate pieces of knowledge together. Simply said, the metaverse aims to weave together disparate experiences into an unified virtual world. These previously isolated experiences are then created in a sensible manner for the user.

For example, in a game, a player could go into a virtual museum, which is only one room in a wider virtual environment, to look at artwork and films. The user then takes part in an experience as an avatar hungry for information who is attempting to enhance its life status via educational accomplishments and costly possessions. Although this is only one example, the metaverse idea is clearly shown by integrating apparently disparate experiences to create a whole that is more valuable than the sum of its parts (such as owning digital assets and watching videos).

While many people still associate metaverse apps with gaming, they also include educational and commercial applications that provide more engaging enjoyment than the first video game, Pong. As a result, by providing users with the capacity to view all crypto-related information from a single place, fragmented data may be removed with the proper configuration.

Bloktopia is a virtual reality metaverse that allows users to study, earn, play, and create while immersed in the experience. Users may learn the basics and more advanced ideas of digital currencies from the world's top brains while simultaneously making money via real estate ownership (including rents), advertising, playing online games, and establishing networks, all of which are otherwise isolated activities. Users will have the chance to be a part of the community that shapes bitcoin use in the future once they are brought together.

"We were thrilled with the interest that we have received from investors, and are pleased to be able to complete our private round of financing with some great supporters," says Ross Tavakoli, Bloktopia's CEO, when asked about their success so far.

A knowledge-filled skyscraper

In reality, the Bloktopia platform is modeled like a building with 21 floors, in honor of the 21 million Bitcoins that have been mined (BTC). Each token holder will be referred to as a "Bloktopian" in this scenario, and they will be able to engage on a central hub intended for people with various levels of crypto expertise.

The team has published a list of companies that will serve as "Anchor Tenants" in the Skyscraper. Users may anticipate Animoca Brands, Anti Fund, Kucoin, Polkastarter, Travala, Polygon, Avalanche, DuckDao, Collateral, and influencers like Jake Paul, Bitboy, and Wendy-O as major content producers. Users may anticipate additional partners in the future, as many more deals are in the works.

The website also allows users to buy real estate, which is referred to as REBLOK. Real estate may be bought via a portal and subsequently resold or rented to a renter as a valued commodity. The procedure is similar to purchasing real estate in the actual world, and it adds a "play-to-earn" element to the metaverse. Users may either own their own apartment that they can personalize or join a tenant board of 100 virtual landlords.

Continued improvement

Bloktopia intends to launch an initial DEX offering (IDO) or an initial game offering (IGO) on four launchpads on October 5th, followed by the Bloktopia Land Sale Portal. This event, according to the team, will provide NFTs with a genuine use case that will appreciate and produce money.

The remainder of the game will be released in March 2022 as a phase one edition. Meanwhile, the team hopes to expand the ecosystem's content and the number of important players participating in Bloktopia.


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