Significant Ethereum Mining Pools Support ETHW Mining

Following the merger, EthereumPoW will be supported by F2Pool, Poolin,, and Nanopool.

Following the unification, a number of significant Ethereum mining pools are anticipated to adopt EthereumPoW (ETHW), according to the new asset's developers. Major pools including F2Pool, Poolin, and will enable ETHW mining, which is anticipated to start after a planned hard fork, according to a series of tweets from the ETHW account. A few hours later, Nanopool also declared its intention to take part.

Mining pools are collections of cryptocurrency miners who pool their resources in order to work together more effectively, process transactions more quickly, and split the rewards. With the long-awaited "merge," Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, will switch to proof of stake. As a result, validators will take their position and process transactions while maintaining the security of the network, eliminating the need for miners.

The change is intended to make the network greener. Blockchains based on proof-of-work, such as Bitcoin, are infamously energy-intensive. In order to maintain the network, industrial operations that consume a lot of electricity are not required with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Chandler Guo, a well-known Chinese miner, started a campaign last month to protest the merger because those who previously mined Ethereum may be left with useless equipment.

Guo and other developers proposed a new cryptocurrency via a hard fork that would still use proof-of-work mining in order to save these businesses. The news from today supports the idea's broader support. According to a tweet from today, "several new pools are also undertaking mining tests based on data from our testnet, in addition to the main mining pools (F2Pool, Poolin,, etc.) who have confirmed their support of ETHW mining."

It also stated that EthwMine, a backup mining pool, has joined forces with the ETHW community.Several significant exchanges, like as Coinbase and Binance, have stated they would not exclude out listing ETHW in the interim.

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