Three reasons why the price of Telos (TLOS) has reached a new all-time high

TLOS has risen 229 percent from its January low, thanks to new alliances and the introduction of various NFT and DeFi apps. Traders who are aiming to put up long positions where solid fundamentals overcome the absence of short-term returns are typically rewarded by projects that continue to move forward by focusing on development and expansion during times like these.

Telos (TLOS), a blockchain network established using the EOSIO software that seeks to offer speed and scalability to smart contracts for decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and social media, has withstood the storm in the crypto markets to set a new all-time high.

Several new collaborations that expanded awareness of the project, the introduction of nonfungible token and decentralized finance initiatives on the TLOS network, and the token's integration with the Anchor wallet are three reasons for the rising price and momentum for TLOS.

Collaborations help to raise brand recognition.

In recent weeks, the Telos network has seen numerous new collaborations and integrations that have served to raise public knowledge of the protocol. DappRadar, which allows followers keep track on decentralized apps (DApps) on the Telos network, was one of the most prominent integrations.

The Telos Foundation recently announced a partnership with BikeChain, a self-governing ride-sharing service that would use the Telos blockchain to execute all of its transactions.

DeFi and NFT DApps are now available.

The development of many new NFT and DeFi apps on the Telos network, which are helping to drive liquidity and users to the protocol, is a second reason attracting attention to the protocol.

OmniDEX, the first native decentralized exchange built on the Telos network, was just released on the network. The TelosPunks NFT project, the cross-chain NFT marketplace tofuNFT, the NFT social media tool APPICS, and the AristotleDAO DeFi protocol are among the new Telos initiatives.


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