Bitgert has shown that in a single bull run, it can increase its market capitalization by 300 percent. Bitgert (BRISE) has been tipped as the Cardano killer, and the project has so far delivered. The achievements of the Bitgert team thus far demonstrate a project that will not just exceed Cardano but also many other leading cryptocurrencies.

Will Bitgert's market capitalization reach a billion dollars? This is, after all, the question that most cryptocurrency investors are asking. Crypto experts believe that is quite likely. Let's take a look at some of the key aspects of the Bitgert that will allow it to achieve the $1 billion market value and dethrone Cardano.


First and foremost, Bitgert's market capitalization surpassed $700 million in early March 2022. This is after soaring from roughly $200 million MC in only a few weeks. As a result, Bitgert has demonstrated that it can increase its market capitalization by 300 percent in a single bull run. With the market valuation hovering around $500 million, Bitgert will be a breeze for Brise to achieve the $1 billion milestone.

However, the Bitgert team is achieving this by moving quickly to build the project and delivering some of the most revolutionary technologies to market. The debut of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain fueled the most recent bull run, which hit $700 million MC. The adoption of the chain is continually increasing, and this is projected to be a big factor in Bitgert's marketcap growth.

The fast-growing number of Startup Studio is also projected to boost the Bitgert marketcap. The team intends to bring over 100 projects every month. By the end of the year, the chain will have roughly a thousand projects. The adoption of the BRISE currency will increase as more projects are published on Bitgert's DEX. This is what will propel Bitgert's market worth to $1 billion.

Bitgert is likely to overtake Cardano because to its robust blockchain and rapidly expanding ecosystem. The Bitgert chain is quicker than the Cardano chain and has a cheaper gas charge. Bitgert will undoubtedly defeat Cardano with a wider ecosystem.


Cardano differentiates apart from other blockchains because it is based on scientific research. Hoskinson and his IOHK team have created a strong chain that has overcome the blockchain trilemma. However, the Cardano chain's overall performance on important components of the trilemma has proven a problem. Solana and Bitgert, for example, are outperforming Cardano in terms of speed and gas fee.

The IOHK, on the other hand, has been working on a variety of enhancements that might make Cardano the greatest chain in the market by 2022. Cardano's speed might be pushed to a million TPS by the Vasil hard fork, which is set to deploy in June. The Cardano chain will also do well in the industry because to the Hydra scaling technology.


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