The Company Aiming for "Data Democracy," Jasmy Inc., Hosted Its First Strategy Briefing Session.

On Friday, April 22, 2022, Jasmy Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Kazumasa Sato) conducted its inaugural strategy briefing. Jasmy Inc. is a developer and supplier of a unique platform that integrates IoT and Web3 technologies with the objective of "Data Democracy." We aim to create a world where people can utilize information more safely and securely depending on their own preferences." In today's information society, the processing of personal information has a structure in which profits are gathered solely by a few firms owing to a centralized method, and numerous issues have been handled. "By popularizing our unique decentralized solutions leveraging Web3 technologies like blockchain and IoT, we are establishing a platform that addresses this problem and satisfies individuals, corporations, and communities." We aim to be at the forefront of the Web3 age."

The Ecosystem of Jasmy:

"Jasmy intends to create a platform that facilitates the transaction of massive amounts of IoT data through a method underpinned by the value of personal data," said Hiroshi Harada, CFO. "DD coin is a common currency with a yen-denominated stable coin (not cryptocurrency) function," according to the recently released "DD Coin." We aim to build it such that people can simply earn like points in return for sharing their own information." "The cryptocurrency 'JasmyCoin,' which is traded on exchanges all over the world, will be utilized as a utility for activating our wallet," says the company. We'd want to establish a method that can contribute to the actual economy as one of the few Japanese functioning firms that issues cryptocurrencies."

Takashi Hagiwara, Director and Supervisor of Software Development, also introduced Jasmy's services. "By merging our patented services Smart Guardian (SG) and Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC) with industry standard compatible blockchain and NFT, Jasmy will deliver a unique platform." We'll also employ AI to handle and analyze personal data, as well as provide a range of services."

Jasmy Inc.

Jasmy Inc. is a firm that specializes in IoT platforms and solutions. The core human requirements of "clothing, food, housing, and transportation" will alter dramatically if items and services are connected to the internet. The objective of Jasmy is to create and supply a system (platform) that allows anybody to safely and securely use data. In recent years, a tiny handful of worldwide big platformers have monopolized the rich data provided by our daily lives. With the Jasmy Platform, we hope to build a world where each person's personal data is safeguarded, allowing them to utilize their data safely and securely. Jasmy has achieved this by combining Blockchain and IoT technologies in a unique way to deliver the best platform solution for clients all over the world and across sectors.

Members of the Jasmy team have broad and extensive backgrounds in electronics, mechanical, communication, device, system integration, and design. For our global clientele, we will supply the greatest IoT platform.


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