Ripple and Anon Whale have moved 445 million XRP in anticipation of a price spike in April 2022.

Nearly half a billion XRP has been shoveled by Ripple, an anonymous wallet, and a prominent exchange, with the price expected to rise in spring 2022. Whale Alert, a popular cryptocurrency tracker, said that Ripple's tech giant wired 200 million XRP coins in the previous sixteen hours after unlocking one billion the day before. In addition, a transaction of comparable magnitude was carried out between anonymous crypto wallets.

Major crypto players have moved 425 million XRP.

Ripple has locked 800 million XRP back in escrow after releasing a staggering 1 billion of these currencies on the first day of 2022, according to the aforementioned crypto monitoring platform's latest tweets. An anonymous crypto whale also transmitted a somewhat larger XRP lump — 225,329,020 coins – to another crypto wallet with an unregistered owner, according to Whale Alert. The seventh biggest cryptocurrency is valued $190,900,260.

Bitstamp is transferring XRP to BitGo.

Bitstamp sent 20,154,126 XRP to the custodial provider BitGo, according to the Whale Alert Twitter account. Many financial institutions use it to store their crypto, and it was bought last year by Galaxy Digital, which was led by Mike Novogratz, an early Bitcoin and Ethereum investor and hedge-fund wizard. XRP is currently trading in the $0.8 area at the time of writing.


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